About Us

At Instone Memorials in Stevenage, everything we do begins with a journey. For our customers, that journey starts when the seed of an idea is sewn to create a lasting memory for their loved ones. For our own part, the journey commences when the finest natural stone and granite is sourced and extracted before being caringly refined and transported to our popular showroom and workshops.

At this stage, the two separate journeys join the same path, as our vastly experienced team helps you to decide on the most fitting ways to create your memorials and tributes. Under the care of our experienced stonemasons, our quality materials are lovingly crafted to create outstanding pieces that consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and set your memories in stone for eternity.

We create our natural stone and granite memorials in Stevenage for customers living in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. We deliver a caring, compassionate and understanding service and firmly believe that our 35-year stonemasonry experience, guidance and attention to detail are completely unrivalled in our field.

A member of our family team will talk to you in pleasant, comfortable surroundings and instantly put you at ease with an informal, welcoming level of service that allows you to express your own ideas in a relaxed and productive manner. Once your ideas have been brought out into the open, we will discuss a full range of suitable options to help you find memorials best suited to your individual requirements. Ultimately, the decision will always remain in your hands and we will never attempt to sell a memorial that fails to meet your own ideas to perfection.

It is this level of service that has earned Instone Memorials in Stevenage an outstanding reputation for a traditional service delivered in the most modern of manners by experienced professionals who genuinely care. We are here to set your memories in stone for eternity and will always be at hand with the best independent help, advice and customer care whenever you choose to undertake your journey with us.