At Instone Memorials, we regularly receive questions about our granite and marble memorials in Hertfordshire from curious customers looking to set memories in stone for eternity. Here, we attempt to answer some of the more common queries we receive to give you a better understanding of our wonderful products and helpful services.

How much will it cost? What does the cost include?

We will provide you with an estimate and clearly indicate the elements included. All of our estimates include fixing the memorial with health and safety anchors, and all estimates include VAT.
Our pricing is clear and competitive with no compromise on quality or service.

Do I pay a deposit?

Yes. We will require a 50% deposit when you place your order.

When is the balance due?

The final balance will be due once the work on your memorial has been completed and the memorial is ready for installation. Once full payment has been received, the memorial will be fixed in place.

We will always contact you to keep you up to date with timings.

How long will it take to place the memorial?

We usually allow 12 to 14 weeks for placement. If you have chosen a memorial that might require a shorter or longer timescale, we will advise you of scheduled completion times at the time of the order being placed.

If you have a special date that you are aiming for, or if you need a memorial to be in place quicker than our standard terms allow for, please speak to us. We will always try to work with you.

Do you use a ground anchor?

Yes. We fix our memorials in Hertfordshire to NAMM standards and we always use a health and safety anchor or a fixing shoe with monolith type memorials.

Am I the grave owner?

We can find out who the grave owner is on your behalf. If the grave ownership needs transferring, we can help with this. Please note that some Local Authorities will make a charge for transferring grave ownership.

How do I find out about the cemetery rules and regulations regarding memorials?

We can help you with Local Authority regulations. Local Authorities often have regulations regarding the permissible size of memorial (maximum and minimum).

Simply let us know the cemetery where the memorial will be placed and we will advise you of the regulations, deal with the Local Authority on your behalf and complete the necessary paperwork for authorisation of a memorial. We will also advise you of the fee payable to the local Council for permitting a memorial to be placed in the cemetery.

How do I find out about the churchyard rules and regulations regarding memorials?

The Diocese has regulations in place for memorials in churchyards relating to the size of memorial, the finish of the stone (usually, a matt finish allowed), the type of stone allowed and permissible inscriptions. Instone Memorials can help with all these matters.

Please let us know the churchyard where the memorial will be placed and we can help you choose an appropriate memorial in keeping with the churchyard regulations and consistencies of the faith.

We will also deal with the all the paperwork in getting the memorial approved. We will also advise you of the fee payable to the local Diocese for permitting a memorial to be placed in the churchyard.

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