Maintenance & Grave Tending


Instone Memorials offer a full maintenance and grave tending service alongside expert advice on stone care to help reduce the effects of wear and adverse weather conditions. Our friendly experts offer maintenance services on new and existing memorials using carefully selected materials that reduce the risk of weathering and staining.

Grave Maintenance

Instone Memorials attend to all aspects of grave maintenance and can provide a written quote and inspection on request. Our maintenance services are highly flexible but will usually include twice-yearly washing and cleaning, levelling work and the laying of floral tributes on special anniversaries.

Removal of Memorial to Allow Further Burial

We can undertake memorial removals throughout Hertfordshire and safely store them over the allotted time period required for natural subsidence.

Caring for Your Memorial

Marble, Nabresina, York and Portland Materials

All memorials of these types must be regularly washed down using a soft bristle brush and clean water. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals or detergents that can damage the surface of these particular memorials and cause early weathering.

Granite Materials

The durability of polished granite materials makes them virtually maintenance-free. To remove debris and dust caused by rain and wind conditions, wash down the memorial with clean water and wipe away excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth.

Honed or matt finished granite memorials should be washed down using a soft bristle brush and clean water. Again, the use of harsh chemicals or detergents should be avoided at all times.

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